• Which solutions does Veylinx offer?

    Veylinx provides consumer insight solutions for all stages of the development and product life cycle. The most commonly used Veylinx solutions are concept testing, claim testing, copy testing, ad testing and price testing.

  • What makes Veylinx different?

    Whether it’s surveys, focus groups or social media, you’re relying on what consumers say they’ll do. Studies show that respondents often misrepresent what they will actually do.* Veylinx requires consumers to put their money where their mouth is to reveal realistic consumer insights.

    * Jacquemet, N., Joule, R. V., Luchini, S., & Shogren, J. F. (2011). Do people always pay less than they say? Testbed laboratory experiments with IV and HG values. Journal of Public Economic Theory, 13(5), 857-882.

  • How does Veylinx work?

    To measure real purchase intent, consumers are invited to bid on a product in a sealed-bid auction. What consumers get to see exactly can be randomized to measure, for example, which concept scores best. There’s also room to pose a number of survey questions to understand the who and the why.

  • What if the product is still in the concept phase?

    If the product is not available (yet) because it’s still in concept phase, respondents will be informed that they’re bidding on a concept. In a concept auction, winners only have to pay if the concept is actually launched within three months. This keeps the study real but without any commitment to actually manufacture the concept. It’s like Kickstarter.

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