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Veylinx and Webcall Research Announce Strategic Partnership

Consumer insights platform Veylinx and data collection provider Webcall Research today announced the launch of their strategic partnership in Asia Pacific.

You Want to Buy Meat? In This Economy?

A Veylinx study of 3,500 consumers found that while environmental concerns and animal rights would not persuade many shoppers to purchase meat substitutes more often, lower prices could.

New Research Reveals Consumer Demand for Meatless Alternatives

New behavioral research by consumer insights platform Veylinx reveals what the future holds for plant-based meats and other alternative proteins.

Veylinx Discusses Why Innovations Fail at P&G Big Score Event

Co-founder Rainier van Rietschoten discussed the importance of understanding customers in The Big Score event's Sustainability & Manufacturing session.

12 Top CPG Research Companies 2022

Quirk's recognizes 12 research partners who specialize in providing solutions and methodologies for consumer packaged goods.

Consumers Willing to Pay More for Cereal Despite Inflation Concerns

According to new Veylinx research, shoppers are willing to pay up to $3.99 for a box of Cheerios or Frosted Flakes, but ask them to pay a few cents more and it could be a problem.

Inflation Nation: How Much Are People Willing to Pay for Cereal?

Veylinx's new behavioral research report reveals how sensitive consumers are to price changes and what their attitudes are toward inflation.

Inflation Reveals the Need for Better Insights

Veylinx CEO Anouar El Haji explains why more reliable insights require focusing on actual demand instead of intent.

Hard Seltzer Demand Cratered, Can CBD Revive It?

Data from Veylinx indicates consumers could start drinking more hard seltzer again if it is combined with CBD, the non-psychotropic compound found in marijuana.

Veylinx Behavioral Research Study Gives Insight Into Hard Seltzer's Future

A new study of U.S. hard seltzer drinkers revealed that growth opportunities still remain for the alcoholic beverage industry’s trendiest category.

Watch: Why Subscription-Based Business Models Need a Behavioral Approach

Watch a recording of Veylinx's recent "Road to MIE 2021" digital session to learn how a behavioral science approach to consumer insights can help companies successfully shift to a subscription-based business model.

Veylinx Featured in Forbes Centroamérica

In an interview with Forbes Centroamérica, Veylinx CEO Anouar El Haji explains how behavioral science can help companies reveal their customers' true preferences and purchase intention.

Can You Trust Market Research Surveys?

Veylinx Founder and CEO Anouar El Haji joins the Game Changer podcast to discuss how game theory can help identify how much consumers truly value new products and services.

Veylinx Secures $2M Investment

Behavioural insights company Veylinx has raised $2m in a pre-Series A investment led by venture capital firm Dutch Founders Fund.

Listen: GreenBook Insights Leaders Roundtable

Veylinx Founder and CEO Anouar El Haji joins Edition 10 of the GreenBook Insights Leaders Roundtable to discuss how to approach innovation during periods of great uncertainty.

Veylinx Research Reveals How Pandemic Affected Consumer Behavior

The team at Veylinx conducted a behavioral study to investigate the demand for essential personal care products amid the COVID-19 pandemic in four key markets — US, UK, Italy and China.

Will The Real Behavioral Research Please Stand Up?

Veylinx founder Anouar El Haji explains why behavioral research—based on actual behavior, not behavioral input—is the next frontier in consumer insights.

Veylinx Opens First U.S. Office in New York

The company’s third office will cater to growing demand from multinational clients, opening after the company has successfully built relationships with brands such as Unilever, Heineken, P&G, Danone and Phillips.

Confirmit Announces Winners of Market Research Awards

Winners in the global research provider's annual awards competition were selected to highlight exemplary uses of emerging market research technologies and methodologies.

Veylinx Founder Wins Market Research Talent Award

The jury mentions in their assessment that “Anouar wants that consumers vote with their wallet. He developed his vision with Veylinx supported by science.”

Anouar El Haji Discusses How to Measure Value at IIeX EU

Veylinx CEO explains the concept of "skin in the game" in the Competition Winners' Circle at the Insight Innovation eXchange EU conference in Amsterdam.

Veylinx Wins IIeX Insight Innovation Award

Veylinx took home a $20,000 prize as the winner of the Insight Innovation Competition at IIeX North America.

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