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Veylinx Suite is the agile platform for real consumer behavior insights

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We already deliver the world’s best behavioral data. Now we’re turning up the speed.

Innovate faster with behavioral data delivered to you in agile platform

Veylinx Suite offers you behavioral data in a dashboard you can use to analyze, share, and store all of your research.

  • Real consumer behavior data based on risk and reward auctions
  • Fast and frictionless experience for you
  • Dashboard with ready-to-go analysis and the ability to dive deeper and explore

Test more frequently and with smarter methodologies

Avoid costly mistakes from misleading data and slow choices

Bring the absolute best products and packaging to consumers

Meet the world’s only behavioral research platform.

Discover winning and losing concepts so you can move forward with confidence

Learn what concepts and packages consumers will pay for, and what they’re willing to spend.

Experiment with the pricing to determine revenue impact and find the optimal price

Adjust your price point to see how that changes demand among different consumer groups.

Understand the reasons customers buy and dig into the demographics

Discover which groups of consumers enjoy which variations the most and dive into unique attributes.

View historical data from all of your projects with Veylinx

Finally, build one central location for saving and storing the most insightful data for all product concepts.

Why innovators love Veylinx Platform

Fast, optimized research process

Detailed consumer demand insights

Secure, collaborative data playground

Cost effective research solution

Unrivaled insights & speed

To get started, set your objective and choose from our behavior-based test options. Then, you’ll receive results in Veylinx Suite’s Insights Dashboard in just a few days.

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