Veylinx and Webcall Research Announce Strategic Partnership in Asia Pacific

New partnership brings together Veylinx’s behavioral methodology and Webcall’s in-market capabilities

AMSTERDAM // BANGKOK, May 26, 2022 – Consumer insights platform Veylinx and data collection provider Webcall Research today announced the launch of their strategic partnership in Asia Pacific. The partnership brings together Veylinx’s unique skin-in-the-game behavioral methodology with Webcall’s extensive qualitative and quantitative data collection experience and local market expertise across the region. 

Innovative consumer goods companies in Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and more can now take advantage of Webcall’s in-market presence and full-service research capabilities to deploy the proven Veylinx approach for accurately revealing consumer needs. To collect more accurate consumer insights, Veylinx uses the Nobel Prize-winning Vickrey auction method to reduce the hypothetical bias present in conventional surveys. 

According to Veylinx founder and CEO Anouar El Haji, “We’re proud to partner with a leading data collection agency in Asia to expand access to our unique research approach, which measures actual behavior instead of claimed intent. Webcall is the ideal partner to provide superior client experience and local market knowledge to ensure that CPGs in the region can successfully use our methodology to make smarter innovation decisions.”

The partnership will enable Webcall’s clients across Asia Pacific to use Veylinx solutions like idea screening, concept testing, price optimization, and product tracking to capture more reliable consumer insights throughout the entire innovation funnel.

Webcall managing partner Spyros Koutlelos said, “We are thrilled to partner with the Veylinx team, and to introduce their brilliant methodology in Asian markets as part of our main offering. Technological innovation has been the backbone of Webcall, and the Veylinx solution is a prime example of such a scientifically-oriented breakthrough application that disrupts the behavioral insights space and brings real value to clients.”

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About Veylinx
Veylinx is the most realistic behavioral insights platform for confidently answering critical business questions during all stages of product innovation. To reliably predict demand, Veylinx captures insights through a Nobel Prize-winning approach in which consumers have real skin in the game. This is a major advance from traditional market research practices that rely on what consumers say they would hypothetically buy. Veylinx's unique research methodology is trusted by the world's most innovative consumer goods companies, including Unilever, PepsiCo, Nestlé, General Mills, Reckitt and Kimberly-Clark.

About Webcall Research
Webcall Research specializes in full service, behavioral insights and data collection in the Asia Pacific, with offices in Hong Kong, Thailand and Philippines. It offers multi-country capabilities in Asian and English-speaking markets through its multilanguage in-house CATI facilities, online panels, nationwide CAPI/F2F through local based teams. Webcall is a member of ESOMAR, Thailand Marketing Research society (TMRS) and Marketing Research Society of Hong Kong (MRSHK).