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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
Winner Saved: $36
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Tile - Smart Bluetooth Tracker
Winner Saved: $14
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Apple Ipad Mini 4 64GB
Winner Saved: $64
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Moleskine Smart Writing Set
Winner Saved: $44
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Google Chromecast
Winner Saved: $5

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One aspect of the auctions I particularly enjoy is the wide range of product that are on offer. You can win a book, a set of nice headphones or even a pair of cinema tickets with just a few clicks.

Peter, London

Veylinx solved a problem with my shipment by immediately sending me a new product. Need I say more? Thanks Veylinx

Marion, Amsterdam

Receiving invitations for auctions by email is very convenient. I like that I can bid on my phone as well as on my laptop. I don’t even need to log in, it just works!

Youness, Brighton

I like that my bids are actually contributing to making the products more

Jonathan, Glasgow

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