Unrivaled realism

Veylinx is the fastest solution for getting realistic consumer insights

How Veylinx measures reality

How it works

Why we measure behavior

Let’s face it: there is a big difference between what people claim and what they actually do.

You need realistic insights—fast.

How Veylinx mesures reality

How we measure reality

Veylinx uses an innovative online auction platform to measure real purchase intent.

This Nobel prize-winning approach solves the problem of unreliable data. Consumers with skin in the game - you will get just the truth.


What we deliver

Veylinx delivers far more realistic and actionable insights with unrivalled speed.

Veylinx solves the #1 challenge of Insights specialists - gaining fast results with uncompromised quality insights.


Fast and realistic insights at every step of the way

  • Idea stage
  • Idea screener
  • Concept stage
  • Concept test
  • Price test
  • Target group analysis
  • Volumetrics
  • Product stage
  • Product test
  • Claim test
  • Pack test
  • Competitor analysis
  • Volumetrics
  • Launch stage
  • Ad test
  • TV copy test


It is difficult to overstate the value Veylinx brings to our company. Veylinx saved us time and money. They over-delivered precise insights. Their remarkably speedy, frictionless process quickly delivered quantified, actionable validation to guide positioning, marketing and sales more effectively. They set a new standard for quantitative market research. Highly recommended

Fatih Kahyaoglu
Fatih Kahyaoglu
Commercial Director
Hearing Health Science

Their market research tool is very innovative and has the potential to become a new standard in the market research industry.

Robert Ehrencron
Robert Ehrencron
New Business Development Manager

Smooth, fast, efficient and great expertise!

Senior Global Ecommerce New Business Models Manager

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