Auctions Speak Louder Than Words.

Reveal what consumers truly value with behavioral research

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There's a big difference between what people say, and what they actually do.

Traditional research methods, like surveys, only measure what consumers tell us they’ll do.

Veylinx uses transactional learnings to measure their actual behavior.

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Measure actual purchase behavior with real skin in the game

Veylinx uses a Nobel Prize-winning approach to solve the problem of unreliable survey data.

Consumers bid with their own money on existing products and product concepts. 

Make better decisions throughout the innovation process with behavior-based insights.

Two ways to gain powerful, real-world behavioral insights in your company.

Insights Services:

A custom-designed Veylinx insights project with a dedicated insights manager and multiple reporting options.

Veylinx Platform:

An interactive platform where you can view, manage, and share analyses to help you and your business make better decisions.

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