The first online platform
for experimental auctions

The easiest way to measure consumer preferences

Why Veylinx?

Developed for maximum insight and impact

Online Experimental Auctions
Get more and better data without the cost and hassle of a physical laboratory
Frictionless Bidding Experience
Simple auction flow to measure realistic consumer preferences
Maximize Sample Size
Invite bidders to your experimental auction using your own or Veylinx’s panel
Visualize and analyze your auction data real-time without leaving the dashboard
Cumulating Panel Data
Use every auction as an opportunity to learn more about your panel
Online Payments
Auction winners pay using their preferred online payment method

Why our customers love to work with Veylinx

It is difficult to overstate the value Veylinx brings to our company. Veylinx saved us time and money. They over-delivered precise insights. Their remarkably speedy, frictionless process quickly delivered quantified, actionable validation to guide positioning, marketing and sales more effectively. They set a new standard for quantitative market research. Highly recommended

Fatih Kahyaoglu

Commercial Director

Hearing Health Science

Their market research tool is very innovative and has the potential to become a new standard in the market research industry.

Robert Ehrencron


New Business Development Manager

Veylinx translates techniques from modern economic science to an elegant platform to discover which innovations are truly valued.

Sander Onderstal

Associate Professor of Economics

University of Amsterdam

It has never been easier to make people "put their money where their mouth is" in consumer research.

Jayson Lusk

Professor of Agricultural Economics

Oklahoma State University

The Veylinx methodology is a true innovation and delivers realistic purchase intention with a very fast and cost efficient setup. The best way to measure actual purchase behavior in all consumer goods categories.

Andreas Schurek


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