Know More With
Real Behavior

Make better decisions with

transactional insights captured

in real purchasing scenarios.

Limitless Versatility - Rubber Band Ball

Endless Versatility

Test ideas, concepts, products and brands to answer any of your critical business questions with confidence.

Closest to Reality - Mirror

Absolute Truth

Reveal the truth with groundbreaking transactional testing that measures what consumers do, not what they say.

Unmatched Speed & Efficiency - Hummingbird

Unmatched Efficiency

Launch research projects with ease and get reliable results and clear, actionable recommendations quickly.

Answer your business questions with speed and confidence

Make smarter decisions at every stage of the product lifecycle with research that measures real behavior. See what consumers really care about—and why.
Idea Screening

Idea Screening

Discover unmet consumer needs, at scale. Quickly and reliably see which ideas are worth developing further.

Concept Testing

Concept Testing

Capture real demand—even for products that don't exist yet. Validate concepts, claims, branding and more.

Price Testing

Price Testing

Reveal the optimal pricing for attracting customers, driving profit, or increasing your market share.

In-home Usage Testing

In-Home Usage Testing

Know the true potential of an innovation by measuring demand before and after consumer trials.

Product and Brand Tracking

Product & Brand Tracking

Track performance more accurately and finetune post-launch tactics with greater confidence. 

Custom Research

Custom Research

Answer any business question that requires an understanding of what customers truly value.

Research Showcase: Consumer Demand for Non-Alcoholic Canned Cocktails

Download Veylinx's latest research to learn what trends are fueling demand for non-alcoholic canned cocktails, and which consumers are most interested.

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