About us

The driving force of human civilization is our ability to trade and work together on a large scale. This requires that people understand each other's wants and needs really well. The sooner you know what people really want and need, the sooner you can determine whether you can meet that want and need.

The leading cause of business failure is lack of demand and it can take a lot of time before a business realizes this. Behavioral science provides the tools and knowledge to understand what people actually value. Veylinx exists to use this field of knowledge to minimize the gap between supply and demand.

Our Mission

Our mission is closing the gap between what companies think their customers want and what they actually want using behavioral science.

Our Vision

Our vision is being the global leader in providing behavioral insights services and products to understand real wants and needs.

Our Story

Veylinx started as an academic project to find the most reliable method that predicts what people will buy. Common research methods rely on what people say, which has, time and time again, shown to be unreliable. Anouar, one of the founders of Veylinx, became interested in research methods that ask people to vote with their wallet. He discovered that a small group of economists and psychologists have been using experimental auctions to generate realistic consumer insights. However, there was no easy and quick way to conduct these types of studies. Not much longer after that, Veylinx became the first online experimental auction platform.


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Anouar El Haji
Founder & CEO
Rainier van Rietschoten
Marlies Kerklaan
Adil Naimi
Mariana Monroy
Peter Krocka
Elien Hectors
Michael Bevan

Team members

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Peter Krocka
Operations Lead
Andreas Schurek
Business Development Manager
Flavia Severin
Key Account Manager
Clio Gearty
Business Development Manager
Batoul Al Nahhass
Business Development Represent
Gyorgy Racz
Insights Manager
Oumayma Ben El Mahdi
Junior Insights Manager
Soundousse Daher
Assistant Insights Manager
Karen Bies
Insights Director
Linde de Ruiter
Product manager
Khalid Fadil
UX/UI Designer
Abdellah Naim
Software Engineering Lead
Youness Mabrouk
Software Engineer
Farid Ouachrar
Software Engineer
Hicham Ahendouz
Software Engineer
Mouad Ennasri
Software Engineer

Advisory Board

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