About Us

Veylinx is the most realistic behavioral insights platform for answering critical business questions. To reliably predict demand, Veylinx captures insights through a Nobel Prize-winning approach that gives consumers real skin in the game. 

Why Veylinx?

Start making more confident decisions with reliable data captured rapidly and affordably.


More confident decisions

Research participants risk their own money on concepts and products in a real buying situation. This yields insights that reduce hypothetical bias and drive better decisions.

Transactional learning

Veylinx’s transaction learning experiments give consumers “skin in the game,” so the resulting data has greater predictive power than surveys alone.

Vast industry expertise

Veylinx clients rely on the deep market research experience and wide consumer products knowledge of our world-class team of consultants and researchers.

Interactive dashboard

In addition to receiving an optional customized debrief, clients can view and analyze their research data and recommendations on Veylinx’s easy-to-use online platform.

Global coverage & scale

Veylinx drives more accurate insights and smarter decisions for everyone from multinational FMCGs to start-ups—in every language and market on earth.

Proven methodology

Veylinx’s unique transactional approach is built around the Nobel Prize-winning Vickrey auction, which has been proven to more accurately capture consumer wants and needs.


Projects Conducted


Products & Ideas Tested


Moments of Truth

The Veylinx Story

We're not your typical research company or tech scale-up. We began as an academic project fueled by curiosity and a burning desire to better predict what people will buy.

Today, we've become the pioneers of an online behavioral research platform trusted by PepsiCo, Unilever, Kraft Heinz, Nestlé, Microsoft, and many more of the world’s largest and most innovative companies. With an incredible team spread across three continents, we're on a mission to revolutionize market research using the power of behavioral science.

We believe that understanding what customers truly want is the key to unlocking any business's success. Our dream is to help as many clients and partners as we can to capture behavioral insights that reveal the real wants and needs of consumers.

  • We're headquartered in the center of Amsterdam, with offices in the U.S. and Morocco.

  • Our mission is to close the gap between what companies think their customers want and what they actually want.

  • The core Veylinx methodology uses the Nobel Prize-winning Vickrey auction to collect transactional insights. These moments of truth are captured each time someone chooses a price they'll pay for a product.

  • This approach bridges the space between research and commerce to help brands measure demand for both innovations and existing products.

Making Research Real

We do this by presenting consumers with a real purchasing scenario that accurately captures how much they value an idea, a product or a brand.

Veylinx in the Spotlight

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In its second annual Super Bowl study, Veylinx measured the effect of big game commercials on consumer demand.

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Do Canned Mocktails Scratch the Dry January Itch?

US demand for non-alcoholic canned cocktails grew by 4% year over year, according to a study from behavioural research company Veylinx.

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Consumer Demand for Canned Cocktails up 20 Percent

Behavioural research platform Veylinx released its latest batch of consumer data, charting an increase in canned cocktail demand.

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Hold my Latte: How Kraft Heinz Went From Intent to Action

The Veylinx session at Quirk's NYC explored how Kraft Heinz uncovered real consumer behavior to drive breakthrough coffee innovation.

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These 4 Commercials Made the Biggest Impact on Consumers

According to a new study by Veylinx, Super Bowl ads shown this year increased product demand among viewers by 6.4%.

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Numbers Show That Dry January is More Than a Fad

New Veylinx research found that research shows that there’s more to sober curiosity than just a dry January challenge.

Tracking Study

How did inflation change purchasing behavior in the U.S.?

A new Veylinx tracking study revealed how buying habits and attitudes over a 13 month period were affected by rising prices.

Twitter study

Veylinx Research Explores Demand for Paid Verification

Veylinx has released the results of new research into Twitter users' willingness to pay for account verification (aka a "blue check mark").