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Veylinx bridges the gap between research and commerce to help organizations validate and predict demand for different products and offerings.

Solutions Across the Product Lifecycle

Types of Tests

Idea Screener

Have several product ideas? Not sure which are worth pursuing? Veylinx offers quick and reliable ways to test and identify the most promising ideas amongst different target groups.

Concept Test

Rolling out a new product? Not sure which benefits or features to pursue or highlight? A/B testing removes doubt by telling us precisely what features appeal in each variable test. Use this to test and find the most attractive concepts, claims, branding and packaging ideas.

Claim Test

Want to know which product claims are most attractive to your target market? Veylinx can run testing on either individual, or a combination of claims to help determine the value of certain features, benefits, or ingredients.

Positioning Test

Want to find the optimal positioning strategy? Veylinx can test different sets of product and brand benefits to develop a unique positioning that attracts your target market and differentiates you from the competition.

Packaging Test

Ready to test packaging? Veylinx helps product managers, marketing managers, and technical teams test which packaging concepts perform best. This could be packaging innovation driven by sustainability, product requirements, or branding.  

Pricing Test

Wondering how best to price a new product or promotion? Veylinx can help you determine optimal price points to attract consumers, drive revenue, increase market share, and create an overall winning pricing strategy.

Placement Test

Ready for final concept testing? Product placements or In-home Usage Tests (IHUT) get participants to evaluate products in a natural, non-controlled way. A follow-up survey then delves deeper into attitudes and feelings towards the product or concept.

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