Terms & Conditions for Study Participants

Here is how it works and what the conditions are.

1. Definitions

The terms of the terms and conditions are explained below:

Website: Veylinx.com.

Deal site or platform: the auction environment of our website (veylinx.com) and app through which providers offer and deliver products, packages and services to consumers offer and delivery.

You or Consumer: you, a natural person not acting on the behalf of a professional or business.

Supplier: the actual supplier of the product, package or service offered through the deal site to consumers.

We or Veylinx: Veylinx B.V.

2. Terms of use

The consumer may provide a desired amount on the platform on a displayed proposition. Then you get some questions about the proposition.

Submit the correct data entered when registering on the website. When other or incorrect information is entered, you may be denied access to the service. Veylinx and / or the service provider cannot be held responsible in any way for failures due to false information provided. We shall be entitled at our sole discretion to exclude consumers from the use of the platform.

The deal site is protected by intellectual property rights of Veylinx, these rights shall be respected by you.

3. Privacy Policy

Personal data such as address, email, phone number will not be provided to third parties of Veylinx without your consent, except if and to the extent necessary in order to implement the agreement between the consumer and the provider. Veylinx uses technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data. More information about Veylinx privacy policy can be found in the Privacy Statement set out on the website.

4. Offer

The services of Veylinx consist of direct sales of products or from the mediation in the conclusion of a contract between consumer and provider. In case of direct sales Veylinx is responsible for the proper execution of the corresponding sale. If Veylinx mediates a purchase agreement with the supplier, the supplier is responsible for the proper fulfillment of the agreement made via the platform. The offer on the platform contains all information and costs related to the offer, such as the reservation and purchase of services and packages and products, including additional costs (such as booking fees), unless otherwise stated, and may or may not apply to the right of withdrawal. In case the general conditions of the provider are applied, it is also stated in the offer.

The offer on the platform contains an accurate description of the offered products, packages or services. Any mistakes or errors in the description of the offer and / or the images shown are not binding and do not lead to liability for Veylinx and / or the provider. Veylinx cannot be held liable for the performance of the product, package and or service.

5. Purchase Agreement

Each offer is made under the condition of availability, which means that the Provider is not obliged to provide the product, package or service to the consumer, if that performance does not allow it, or it is sold out or unavailable.

In case your purchase is completed by the same price or higher than the price of the offer, this leads to an (purchase) agreement between the consumer and the provider of the product or service. Upon conclusion of the auction the final selling price will be communicated to the winner. This will always be lower than the bid of the winner.

If an agreement has been reached, you will receive a confirmation via email from the deal site. Here the details of how the reservation is handled or the further purchases are stated. The attachment is also available at the user account on the deal site.
Veylinx reserves the right to terminate any auction prematurely at any time.

6. Alcoholic beverages purchase and consumption

In case the offer includes products of alcoholic beverages, the consumer is responsible to prove that they are legally allowed to purchase and/or consume the aforementioned products according to their local or national laws. The consumer is also required to faithfully and rightfully provide information pertaining to applicable laws regarding alcoholic beverages purchases and/or consumption in their respective areas. Veylinx reserves the right to terminate any purchase under any legal circumstances and is not liable for any legal repercussions to the consumer if they violate relevant laws.

7. Consideration period does not apply to arrangements

When the consumer has specified an amount and this amount is accepted, in that context, the agreement(transaction) CANNOT be cancelled or revoked. The cooling-off period of 14 days for a consumer to waive the resulting agreement does not apply to services and packages offered on the platform. Leisure and accommodation: There is no right of withdrawal on services, accommodation, catering and / or leisure activities set on a certain date or when these can only be taken within a specified period by the consumer. The provider has previously reserved capacity. In these cases, the consumer has therefore no right of termination (in accordance with Article 6:230P Subsection E).

Travel Offers under 'Holidays' consisting of a package: a combination of transport, accommodation and / or tour or other tourist service is under no right of withdrawal (in accordance with Article 6:230H 2 Subsection H). Consumers can take up to seven days before departure to arrange another in their place and transfer the trip to someone else. The provider may charge a fee for the change, which will then be paid by the consumer. In case of cancelling the package the consumer remains liable for the total amount, this sum is then considered as compensation. The package can be cancelled free of charge if something happens where you cannot act, such as the holiday being unsafe and it is subject to a travel warning from the Dutch government. It is a condition that you could not already know when a reservation was made for the package on the platform.

Veylinx can however not be held liable for, any liability will have to be sought in this case with the provider. Products: For the following products no right of withdrawal applies: digital contents such as e-books; products which are manufactured according to specifications or at the request of the consumer or intended for a specific individual; products that spoil quickly or have a limited shelf life; products which are sealed due to health protection or hygiene reasons and were unsealed after delivery; products which are inseparably mixed with other products; sealed audio, video recordings and computer software of which were unsealed after delivery; newspapers, journals or magazines (excluding subscriptions). In an agreement with regard to these products the consumer has no right of termination (in accordance with Article 6:230P Subsection F).

For products other than those mentioned above, the consumer can make use of the statutory cooling-off period of 14 days, this must be carried out via the withdrawal form included with the shipment. The return costs are borne by the consumer. It is indicated in the offer when the statutory cooling-off period applies.

8. Payment

Unless otherwise specified in the offer on the platform, the consumer pays Veylinx based on the contract via the platform. The payment deadline is 48 hours, unless otherwise stated. A payment request is sent at the end of the auction to the winners via email. If there is a down payment, this is stated in the offer on the platform. The remaining balance is to be met by the provider. This will also be listed on the confirmation to the consumer via email.

The consumer is legally in default if the payment has not been made, or could not be made as a result of a reversal. In that case Veylinx will from the due contractual interest of 1% per month charge, half counted for a whole month. In case the consumer steps back after written notice, in default, then Veylinx will claim the amount owed and will also charge administration and collection fees of 15% of the principal amount, with a minimum of € 75.00 per crossing. As long as payment is not made, Veylinx has the right to deny consumers access to the platform.

9. Changes to reservations

Changes in reservations are not possible. Changing the date after a reservation is made is not possible. Veylinx cannot be held responsible for any other or additional agreements between the supplier and the consumer which occur without the mediation of Veylinx, e.g. breakfast on site and / or any additional services.

10. Complaints

Veylinx strives to offer a comprehensive array of great deals on the platform. In case you have a complaint about our services, please contact customer service via info@veylinx.com. Veylinx will try to find a solution for you. The quality of the content of our propositions are extremely important for Veylinx. Do you have a complaint about the content of a product, package or service? This can be easily solved with the provider by searching for a solution. If the complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, we ask you as soon as possible but no later than four weeks to submit it to Veylinx. Veylinx can mediate to find a solution. In case you have a complaint about a product, please contact customer service via info@veylinx.com. We will try to resolve a complaint within 14 days. If we cannot provide a solution within this period, you shall be so informed.


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