Top Insights Conferences You Do Not Want to Miss in 2024

market research conference hall in Amsterdam at IIEX Europe

Insights conferences are an important way to discover new research methods, meet vendors in person, and, most importantly, see what your peers in the market research world are doing and how they are innovating. However, there are so many different events in different places: attending them all wouldn't give you much time to focus on your actual job!

So here’s a list of market research events you should not miss in 2024 in Europe, North America, and APAC.

The Best of Europe

Quirks London

Quirks London is a perfect event to attend to hear all the latest buzz in the UK. The event attracts many industry professionals, especially from companies actively working and based in the UK. It is a busy event where you won’t get bored, as the schedule is packed with informative sessions, hundreds of attendees, a lively expo hall, and many opportunities to network with insights experts. 

Where: London, UK

When: 8-9 May 2024

Find out more about the Quirks London conference right here.

IIEX Europe

Organized by Greenbook, IIEX Europe 2024 takes place in the picturesque center of Amsterdam. The purpose of the event is to discuss the most disruptive startups, technologies, and ideas in the evolving insights and analytics industry. 

The event convenes brands and research vendors from all over Europe and beyond. You can expect presentations on the most innovative new research methods, roundtable discussions on industry trends, and myriad opportunities to talk to your insights peers. Also, let’s not forget the delicious lunch buffet and generous snacks the event always provides!

Plus point: Veylinx is sponsoring IIEX Europe 2024, so come by and say hi!

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

When: 25-26 June 2024.

Find out more about the IIEX Europe conference right here.

ESOMAR Congress

The ESOMAR 2024 Congress will include plentiful creative networking opportunities, the much-anticipated annual Gala and award ceremony, and fun sponsored activities throughout the multi-day conference. In addition, attendees can expect to learn more about the latest innovations and initiatives from insights professionals, both brand and agency side, from around the world.

Where: Athens, Greece

When: 8-11 September 2024

Find out more about the ESOMAR Congress right here.

MRMW Europe

MRMW is a smaller-scale conference in the European market but has much to offer. This event has a more intimate setting but brings forward interesting topics on market research, industry trends, and innovations. Expect a lively conference with case studies, roundtables, a master class, and presentations.

Where: Berlin, Germany

When: 10-11 October 2024

Find out more about the MRMW Europe conference right here.

The Best of North America

Quirks Chicago

One of the biggest market research conferences in the Midwest. Because of the comparatively reasonable price to attend, you will get the opportunity to meet with a more diverse spectrum of people from the entire industry. From new-to-research to director-level insights professionals across different sectors, ranging from consumer packaged goods to financial services, tech to fast food, hospitality to health care. Expect a busy expo hall and a schedule packed with sessions and networking opportunities. 

Plus point: Veylinx is sponsoring Quirks Chicago 2024, so come by and say hi!

Where: Chicago, US

When: 26-27 March 2024

Find out more about the Quirks Chicago conference right here.

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IIEX North America

IIEX NA is your opportunity to discover groundbreaking ideas, engage in lively roundtables, and explore hands-on demos as you explore the latest technologies, methodologies, and trends that are shaping the future of insights.

Where: Austin, TX, US

When: 17-18 April 2024

Find out more about the IIEX North America conference right here.

Quirks New York

Quirks New York had a tremendous success in 2023, driving more participants to the conference than any other Quirks event. You can expect a very active and crowded expo hall, full-room presentations on the newest techniques market research has to offer, and lots of networking and fun. This is a booming event you absolutely want to attend.

Plus point: Veylinx is sponsoring Quirks New York 2024, so come by and say hi!

Where: New York, US

When: 17-18 July 2024

Find out more about the Quirks New York conference right here.


Prepare yourself for a massive three-day conference and meet thousands of the world's smartest, most innovative consumer insights leaders and visionary thinkers. TMRE's goal is to identify emerging trends, share expertise, and grow attendees' networks.

Location: Orlando, US

Time: 8-10 October 2024

Find out more about the TMRE, the market research event right here.

The Best of APAC

Global companies that are present in APAC or are planning to expand there would benefit from attending market research events in the region.

By attending APAC market research events, client-side participants not only discover useful innovations but also get insights into the vibrant and diverse APAC market. 

Asia Pacific is a diverse and unique market. It is essential to understand and see what dynamics each market in APAC has to offer.

“The Asian market is incredibly diverse and unique. Therefore, it is important for global companies to focus on hyper-localization and local innovation. Market research conferences in the region are an excellent starting point. Global players have to compete against local companies that understand the market needs and have the upper hand.”- Spyros Koutelos, Webcall*

Asia Pacific is a diverse and unique market. It is important to understand and see what dynamics each market in APAC has to offer.

The insights conferences in Asia are different compared to the ones in Europe and North America, says Spyros Koutlelos. The events are usually 50/50 between suppliers and clients, and the total attendee count rarely exceeds 500 people. This makes the conferences more intimate and gives you a chance to speak with and build relationships with the majority of the people there.


IIEX has been around for more than a decade, focusing on predicting the insights industry, shaping the future of innovation innovation, and establishing the standard of best practices in data and insights.

True to that legacy, IIEX APAC is not just another conference; it’s a unique gathering driven by future focus, groundbreaking technology, human-centered innovation, and the bold ideas that have become synonymous with the APAC region. Here, you’ll connect with a dynamic community of insights professionals—data scientists, marketers, brand managers, and business leaders—all coming together to explore fresh perspectives and groundbreaking technology in market research.

Plus point: Veylinx partner Webcall will be exhibiting there and showcasing how the Veylinx methodology can be applied in Asian markets. Make sure to say hi to the Webcall Team at booth #16

Where: Bangkok, Thailand

When: 5-6 March 2024

Find out more about the IIEX APAC conference right here.


MRMW aims to provide a global perspective through localized content. Prepare for an intimate expo room with the world’s largest brands, interactive panel discussions, and 1-2-1 meetings. A conference for researchers to learn, be inspired, and network. 

Where: Singapore

When: 17-18 April 2024

Find out more about the MRMW APAC conference right here.


Qual360 is the perfect conference for anyone who focuses on collecting qualitative data or wants to know more about qualitative research. QUAL 360 is all about global research with local flavor.  

Qual360 is the only global conference series dedicated to qualitative market research. With its 15-year history, Qual360 is a unique event catering to a robust global community.

Where: Singapore

When: 6-7 November 2024

Find out more about the Qual360 conference right here.

*Veylinx partner Spyros Koutlelos from Webcall is based in Bangkok, Thailand, and helps brands reach consumers and launch innovations in Asia. Spyros has traveled all around the globe to attend most of the market research events in person.

Post by Karina Abdulina
February 16, 2024